Mother’s Day post

Here is a little snippet of my mother. Her old “stuffy” that, by happenstance, became my daughter’s favorite. They have a special connection even though they never met earth side. My mom 100% made me feel like she thought I was amazing no matter what kind of nerdy stuff I was up to. That kind of support was a quiet, consistent love that wasn’t even always tangible but I now understand it was the foundation for whom I have become. Still a total nerd, but at least I know somebody would think it’s all amazing 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

BEfore the wedding…

This downtown Birmingham historic hotel was the perfect place for getting ready photos before the ceremony. It makes me wonder just how many couples have spent the last few hours before they walked down the isle in that same space. I love thinking about the different kinds of energy that spaces can occupy.

aJ and Mary Celia

Just a few more days until these two are Mr. and Mrs. AJ + Mary Celia at their Birmingham wedding. Couples that make each other laugh are my favorite and these two check that box. For their engagement session Mary Celia came up with the idea to shoot at the Barber Motor Sports Museum in Leeds, Alabama. She thoughtfully picked this location to combine AJ’s two big loves (her and engines) and that is one example of how they are perfect together. I can’t wait to see them get married and celebrate with them at their Birmingham wedding. Sidenote, if you have not been to Baber Motor Sports Museum is it quirky and pretty aesthetically amazing (that is coming from someone who cares very little about motorized vehicles). Check it out!

Moss Rock hike session

One way to take a huge amount of stress out of planning for family photos is to, well, not stress about it. Don’t buy special outfits. Don’t sit on the weather channel around the clock to see if it will be perfect. Don’t agonize over finding a picture perfect location. Don’t fret about how your children will or won’t cooperate. Just be. Go somewhere familiar. Look like yourselves. Enjoy each other’s company. No one needs to be staring at the camera at all times smiling. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Make a memory, live in the moment on a fun outing with your family. I will document what real happiness and kinship looks like.