Shauna’s senior session

I think that because I am an empath that sort of soaks up people’s personalities when I meet them, I have this weird habit of feeling like I am the same age as anyone I am chatting with.  A friend of mine just posted this funny thing that if you go back in time right now the same amount of years as Marty McFly did from 1985 to 1955, you would be going to 1991.  Needless to say, that was an abrupt reminder that I am not the same age as this intelligent, silly and beautiful senior but I enjoyed our time together nonetheless!

Stems and Sprouts

Stephanie and Megan are the coolest, hardest working, plant(est?) loving farmers that I know. Check out Stems and Sprouts on Facebook or Instagram and treat yourself to something beautiful, hearty and unique from their farm or find them on Saturdays at The Land of Goshen Community Market in Edwardsville <3

Motherhood: swords and flowers

While editing these images I was thinking of freedom and movement and how much I love the way these two elements shape a session or wedding day imagery. Plus they keep everyone feeling happy and energetic (even warm during those chilly weather sessions). I suppose if I was to think a little more deeply I could transition all this to an inspiring metaphor for all of life but it is almost 9pm on Wednesday so I will leave that bit to you. p.s. These three are perfect together.