Fossil   [ fosuh l ]:  any remains, impression, or trace of a living thing…….

Thanks for stopping by!  Let’s tell your story.  Life goes by SO fast and I am in the business of documenting all the “feels” of the right now.  Everyone has a camera.  What I can bring to the table is a creative perspective and a passion to show emotion through imagery.   Full disclosure, I will not try to make you look perfect.  I will not tell you to move your chin to the left, look at the camera and smile a perfect smile.  I WILL do what I can to make sure you are focusing less on getting your photo taken and more on soaking up sweet moments with your loves!  I cherish my clients and work with most of them over and over as their families grow and change.

Fossil Photography is currently based just outside of Edwardsville, IL and I spend plenty of time traipsing around the St. Louis area.  I also travel to Birmingham, AL on a regular basis and am always open to travel opportunities.

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I am Jessica, the owner of Fossil Photography…some of my earliest memories take place in woods of Illinois, marveling over moss, mushrooms and mayapples and taking home bits in my fanny pack that I literally called my “treasure bag”.  I think this was the beginning of my cataloging beauty in things that are small, things that can go unnoticed.  I am still a morel hunting hippie and I bring a calm and open presence to all of my photo shoots.  I love being around people, especially when I get to see them in their own element where they their true weird selves with the people closest to them.

I am a mother of one smart and wild almost 3 year old named Greta.  We live among an old dog named Broccoli, a handful of chickens (never jinks your chickens by counting them out loud!) and one honey bee colony.  Aside from drinking too much coffee and spending as much time outside as we can, my hobbies sometimes feel like cooking dinner and folding laundry.  I am okay with all of that regular life kind of stuff and I thank my lucky stars for all the happiness and love that surrounds our little family. 


photo credits: Beautiful Ordinary Photography