Family Photography, Birmingham, aL

These days fly by and before we know it our family is in a new stage of life.  It is a precious thing to have the option to go back and re-live a bit of those beautiful, ordinary days in a visual way.  To me, this is so much more valuable than reliving a moment with perfect smiles and brand new dresses. As a transplant to Alabama, family photography in the Birmingham area has been such a special way for me to connect with amazing people in the area.

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Give me all the hair braiding, bubble bath parties, story time snuggles, bike riding, backyard ice cream cones and board game moments that make up real life.  The little things that can slip your mind later on but can also put your right back in that place and time when you do think of them.  It’s my favorite part of the job, artfully capturing these genuine feels of the now.  This applies to engagement sessions and family sessions with kiddos of any age.  I want to photograph you and your honey in a bowling tournament, eating nachos.  I want to photograph you and your teenagers cooking together and playing basketball in the driveway.  I want to photograph you helping your littles brush their teeth while the dog is laying on the bathroom rug.  Mainly, I want to photograph the true blue, genuine you and your people. Fossil photography primarily focuses on family photography in Birmingham, AL but I am always up for a little travel!

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