Newborn Photography

Newborn photography in Birmingham is one of the most precious services that have the privilege to offer.  This is the time of life that, when you are in it, can feel so slow and then once you are on to the next chapter you can hardly stand to think about how fast time went.  A growing mama’s belly or those tiny tiny ears and toes are something you may never experience in real time again. We want to help keep those memories tangible.  We want you to look back at these photos and not remember that perfect studio session, but the way your little one loved that sunny spot in the kitchen and it was you who knew them enough to figure that out.  The loving cup of coffee your partner made for you while you nursed.  We want you to remember those itty bitty yawns and the way your toddler would kiss his new sissy’s belly.  We want you to feel all of those powerful, magical, exhausting emotions when you look back at these images. 

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We offer newborn photography (as well as maternity and fresh 48 sessions) in Birmingham but are always happy to travel.  We strive to make sure you and your family feel taken care of during your session.  We know that mama’s body has been through a lot if she has given birth.  We know that you are tired and you want the session to go well.  We know that your babe will get hungry and need a diaper change.  We know your toddler may or may not be cooperative.  We know that you will not have time to clean your whole house before the session.  All of this is life and it is 100% FINE.  It is something we build into the session.  We keep things calm, positive and give space and patience to everyone involved.  We find the places in your house that have the best light or tell the best stories and work with that.  Or we meet at another location that makes sense to you!  It is so important that this session feels like the good parts of life so that when you look back at the photos you feel in your guts all those sweet, authentic memories!

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