Furfaro family

I am such a soft spoken weakling….I want to take this moment to thank all of the loud, bossy amazing moms/aunts/sisters that I use as a crutch for large family photos at sessions and weddings. You know who you are. I couldn’t do my job without you! Thank you.

Mother + daughters session

Photo tips for everyone this season. Wear all kinds of (stylish if you are the stylish type) layers (no one is too good for long underwear, people). Good looking winter hats or headbands to cover those ears go a long way to keep you from feeling frozen. Wear gloves and get yourself some hand warmers to keep in your pockets. Bring some hot drinks, either for part of the session (think hot chocolate picnic) or to have on the side for a sip in between shots. Bring a pretty blanket to snuggle up in together. Move around during your session to keep the blood flowing. OR have a cozy at home session OR just wait until Spring 😉

Jenny and doug

Jenny and Doug were married on New Year’s Eve!  It was a magical afternoon.   Incredible warm weather, an intimate group of family celebrating with them, a short and very sweet ceremony.  Micro weddings are something that I cherish being a part of as a photographer.  Side note that tells you a little bit about how cool Jenny and Doug are – Jenny was the one to propose to Doug!  Why is that not WAY more common??

Wild and free

This family is so full of love and each of them seems completely free to be the person they are. I don’t even know if that makes sense but if you could see it in action you would be just as inspired. And now, writing out this post has me adding “feeling free” to my 2022 goals.

Kristy and Gilles

Kristy and Gilles wanted to be photographed for their engagement session at the garden glow; a spot they visit together every winter. There is nothing I love more while working then taking photos of people in places that are special to them. It was a fun challenge for me with lighting and I had the best time walking around with them, hearing their love story and a deeper insight to the social life of their kitty cats. I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day in a few weeks!

Baby Chance

I have so much love for this new little human. He is wide eyed, sweet, calm, makes the best little faces and has great hair. All that in just a few days out of the womb. His siblings taking turns holding him for a photo at the end of the shoot is also just the best <3