Abby and Mason’s sneak peak

My daughter has this newish thing she does in moments where she is feeling happy.  She suddenly breaks out in dance and says something like, “oh yeah. break it down. come on gurl. one more time…” and then if you look directly at her she pretends like nothing has happened and goes silent, but will pick it back up the minute your turn your head.  Anyhoo, I thought Abby and Mason’s first kiss as married people was so on point, Greta’s goofy rap popped in my head the minute I looked back at the images.  I think that wraps up the jist of my life as a mama photographer well.

Summertime backyard session

There is literally nothing sweeter to me than late evenings in the yard in the summertime. Even when it involves a whole bunch of beautiful, over tired, complaining, beautiful children 😉 I love using these sessions to capture the vibe of life right in this minute…the clothesline from going to the community pool, picking in the garden and falling all over each other barefoot in the grass <3

Melissa and chris

Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to cull down my blog post selection (insert smiley/cry/sweat face). I loved this wedding day and I guess it is about to be a 3 part post! This was my first introduction on the Birmingham wedding photography scene and I couldn’t have picked a more fun couple to get this chapter going!

Adventure session

This session involved some traipsing around but I think it was worth it in the end. I mayyyy have given them a “poison ivy discount” after the session, which was a first for me. Thanks, Erica and gang, for being such a fun, adventurous family to photograph!