Stems and Sprouts

It’s nice to feel some solidarity with other woman owned buisessIt’s nice to feel some solidarity with other woman owned businesses that also work their keister off.  I was pretty excited to take beautiful sunrise photos with Stephanie, Megan and all their flowers and (of course) we had full cloud coverage for the morning.  I do love moody light but you may be seeing more photos from their farm again soon because I can’t get the idea out of my head of all these flowers in the magic glowy light….

Happy Retirement

Greg came home from a fishing trip to find a whole retirement party at his home ready to surprise, congratulate and laugh along with him. It was a beautiful evening and so much fun to be a part of. I really love photographing a good party 🙂


All the color, sunshine, Honey the puppy licks and happy familyness of this newborn session made my week. Also, how is this the only baby room in all my sessions with a hanging portrait of Prince?? Wilbur is off to the best start.