I had a photography first at my session with Luke. I arrived at our meeting spot about 10 minutes early and noticed another photographer shooting a senior session. They took a few photos and walked up the block. A few minutes later another senior and his dad walked up and they had that “looking for their photographer” look that I have come to recognize. I had not met Luke or his parents previously so I went up to the senior and asked if he was Luke. He wasn’t but they were, in fact, waiting on their photographer. We joked about working together if his photographer and my client didn’t show up. A few more minutes went by and the senior’s dad must have called their photographer 6 times before he got an answer. Welp, the stars aligned and it turns out that Luke and his mom showed up just before I did, said hello to the person already waiting there with a camera and the stars aligned so that they both assumed they were connecting with the right client/photographer! They started shooting Luke’s senior session both under the impression they were with someone else. It was a completely honest mistake and one of those things that I can totally see how it happened but a new experience for me! We laughed it off and poor Luke had to start his session all over again with another photographer 🙂 I might include a mug shot of me for all the clients that I haven’t met going forward which means I have to suck it up and get behind the camera….